The Acute Cardiac Care Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, January 2015

Dear all,

We (Tiny Jaarsma & Leonie Klompstra) went to Israel to present our research at the The Acute Cardiac Care Conference, in Tel Aviv.


telavivutsiktBefore the conference started we had a nice dinner with all the participants, with an incredible view.




The next two days of the conference Tiny had three talks in the nursing sessions named:

  • Challenges to the patient-partner relationship when dealing with progressive heart failure
  • Side effects and medication adherence: How to measure and how to intervene
  • Why should nurses care about guidelines in the first place?

Leonie had a poster presentation and another member of the Cesar-network (Lisa Hjelmfors) had also a poster presentation, but was unable to join the conference. The title of Lisa her poster was “Patient-nurse communication about prognosis and end-of-life care” and the title of Leonie her poster was “Exploring the influence of motivation and exercise self-efficacy on physical activity in stable heart failure patients” (both discussed by Tiny in the picture below).


It was a really interesting conference with special attention towards palliative care, where a lot of discussion took place. After the conference we enjoyed Israel, with a great market with fresh passion fruits and vegetables.



In Israel we also had a meeting with co-workers in the HF-Wii study (, to discuss to start this research as well in Tel Aviv, “Rabin” Medical Center,” Cardiology Department. At the moment we are busy to arrange everything for Israel and hope they can start soon with the inclusion of patients. To read more about this meeting and this study, click here:

Warm regards,

Tiny & Leonie