TALK-HF at FoU-lunch at Vrinnevi hospital

Fou lunch

Tiny Jaarsma and Lisa Hjelmfors were invited to talk about the research project TALK-HF.

TALK-HF stands for Developing and evaluating a Training program improving Awareness, Level of Knowledge and the quality of communication concerning palliative care issues in Heart Failure patients .

The project is a collaboration between Tiny Jaarsma (Norrköping), Anna Strömberg (Linköping), Maria Friedrichsen (Norrköping), Jan Mårtensson (Jönköping) and Lisa Hjelmfors (Norrköping).

The presentation focused on ”Discussing prognosis and end-of-life with chronically ill patient/heart failure patients.”

Tiny presented results from recent (2012) findings describing that Swedish HF nurses are not always aware of the need for discussing prognosis and end-of-life with HF patients and that the nurses perceive barriers for having such discussions with patients. (Whole article available at

Lisa presented preliminary results from focus group interviews with heart failure patients exploring their perspectives of discussing prognosis and end-of-life with health care professionals. In the interviews, the majority of the patients reported that they had never discussed these topics with a health care professional but many of the patients welcomed open, but sensitive discussions during the illness trajectory.

A lot of clinicians attended the lunch and it ended with a nice discussion.