Report from project Sommarmatchen


A part of my dissertation on patient education is to explore if patients can learn about self-care by playing computer games. Last summer we had the opportunity to participate in Sommarmatchen – a project of InnovationskontorEtt, Linköping University where we collaborated and got assistance in designing a first version of a computer game on pain management for surgical patients. Tobias Johansson Ramnäs, a student in computer science did a great job in only 6 weeks, to prepare, design and create the game. The project has been supported previously by FORSS startbidrag and we now plan further development and testing of the game.

In the group are Pierangelo Dell’Acqua from Division Media and Information Technology (MIT), Linköping University and from the CESAR network:  Tiny Jaarsma, Ingela Thylén, Malin Johansson Östbring and Brynja Ingadóttir.

/Brynja Ingadóttir