Reflection of my visit to Linköping by Loreena Hill

In November 2014 I successfully obtained the ESC Heart Failure Association nurse training fellowship (2015-2016). The host university was Linköping under the supervision of Prof  LHillAnna Stromberg and Prof Tiny Jaarsma. From the 16th to 20th March I had the pleasure of visiting Linköping, with the main objectives being to visit a centre of excellence in heart failure care and build networks for future collaborative projects. The week was busy with valuable opportunities arranged to discuss ongoing nursing research. Additional gains were an appreciation of the beautiful Swedish countryside and tips on Swedish culture.

I met a number of the expert research team at Linkoping and Norrkoping and enjoyed the chance to chat vis-a-vis about ongoing research studies. Those I would like to mention and say thanks are Jeanette Eckerblad, Lisa Hjelmfors, Ingela Thylen and Leonie Klompstra. Discussions with these individuals focused the objectives I wished to achieve from the HFA award as well as discussing potential collaborative research links. I enjoyed learning more about the “fun theory” embedded in the Wii-HF study and discussing my current PhD results with Ingela, Lisa and Jeanette. The week concluded with a review meeting with Prof Stromberg and Prof Jaarsma to plan “what happens next”. I look forward to learning from and working with my new European friends in the future.