Presenting about exergaming and CESAR in Australia

During a 20 day research visit in Australia I worked in the Mary McKillop Institute for Health Research with colleague researchers in the area of cardiovascular caring research. New collaborative ideas were developed and further advanced and publications written, rewritten and planned in the area of HF and AF care.  During this stay I also was able to present on two occasions on exergaming and virtual reality.

The first presentation was during a symposium where I presented on the ideas behind the HF-Wii study. I also debated with 5 other people on what the best kind of interventions are to improve quality of life: nutrition, exercise or something else? I was debating for other healthy intervention such as for example a sauna!


Picture: The debate team of 6 researchers



On March 10 and 11 I presented two key note lectures in Brisbane at the Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College symposium, one on International collaboration in which I also told about the CESAR network!




Jaarsma T. Keynote lecture: Using virtual reality to improve self-care. Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College symposium. 10-11 March Brisbane, Australia.