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Annette Waldemar is a registered nurse who works with cardiac patients at Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping, Sweden. She also works as a research nurse and cooperates with Professor Tiny Jaarsma, PhD students Lisa Hjelmfors and Emma Säfström (“Continuity of care and patient participation in patients hospitalized due to cardiac condition” and “TALK-HF” studies). Previously, she cooperated with Dr. Leonie Klompstra as a research nurse for many years within the HF-Wii study. Since 2014 she works part-time as a lecturer at Linköping University, at the Department of Social and Welfare studies, and she is a PhD-student at Institution for Medicine and Health. In 2017 Annette became a PhD student and her main supervisor is Associate professor Ingela Thylén and her co-supervisor is Professor Anna Strömberg and Associate professor Anders Bremer.

Her research area for her doctoral thesis is family witnessed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other research interests concern different aspects of person-centered care. Her first study explored nurses’ and physicians’ experiences and attitudes toward family-witnessed resuscitation in cardiac care units. The next studies will explore how often families are witnessing resuscitations in hospitals, the experiences of patients and their next-of-kin of the resuscitation situation and how it affects their life.