My first Cesar Column

A Cesar Column is a blog post about whats going on in our head; what we think about in Cesar, or what we have learnt on a conference or in a personal meeting. Essentially anything that gives a perspective.

This afternoon I will meet patients in the cardiac rehabilitation stress management group in Kalmar. This is one of the most valuable tasks I have at work. Meeting a group of patients who have gotten to know each other and are comfortable together, to discuss with them how to manage their medicines, is so rewarding. I try to use Motivational Interviewing (MI) in the group sessions. I first thought this would be hard. How do you really do that in a group of different individuals in very different stages of change ?

I remember clearly my first real MI-application in the stress management group. I asked the open question – What do you think about when I say “medicines”?  I usually start with this question, so this wasn´t new.

But when I got the first reply – Side effects, I didn´t respond in my usual way ( –Do you have them?). I simply reflected Side effects. And after a few ping-pong response-reflections rounds (which felt quite awkward since this was new to me), we got to the essential message: People talked about side effects, and that worried him – but he hadn´t experienced any himself.

And instead of talking about all different side effects, which we usually end up doing at first – we talked about worries about medicines and how to deal with them.

My best work task has gotten even more rewarding since I started using Motivational Interviewing.

Malin Johansson Östbring, pharmacist and doctoral student in medicines use in CHD