Meeting supporting self-care by information and communication technology for older people with long-term conditions

On the first and the second of December 2015 we had a meeting the project ICT and self care. In this project a lot of CESAR members are cooperating. The objective of the study is to built evidence based knowledge and practice about innovative person centered ICT tools for support to older people with long term conditions and their family carers in order to manage self-care independently and stay healthy, independent and socially active for as long as possible, delay/avoid institutionalizing and improve QoL

On the first day there were presentations of all the projects in the study and the status of the projects.

The study contains 4 projects:

  1. Mobile monitoring post-operative recovery
  2. Remind-me, Remind-me is a web-based calendar for daily activities, with a feedback system, which you can also use on a mobile phone.
  1. Exergaming, 3 project related to the larger Wii study were presented amongst others the virtual national Swedish bowling competition

where are we now


4. Interactive website for family carers.


In all the 4 projects a co-design approach is used and additional studies on social selectivity and cost-effectiveness take place

 The attendances of the meeting had various backgrounds and interests, from nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, engineering biology, computer & information sciences, co-design, health economics, technology assessment & aging life.

On the second day we discussed career options within the group, publication strategies, contract & budget, collaborative funding, development website and future conferences.

It were two fantastic days, with great input from various disciplines and a lot of motivation to make this study a success.