Leonie Klompstras disseration

Dear all!

After I started my PhD 6 years ago, on the 4th of October I defended my thesis. The title of the thesis is: “Physical activity in patients with heart failure: motivations, self-efficacy and the potential of exergaming”.


The picture chosen on the front of the thesis is from a great artist named Heather Hansen. She makes art with movement and is, like exergaming, an alternative for physical activity.



Professor Felicity Asten was my opponent and we had a nice 3-hour discussion about the start of the PhD, the results of the studies included and my future plans.


The main conclusions of the thesis were that one-third of the patients with heart failure had a low level of physical activity in their daily life. Level of education, exercise self-efficacy, and motivation were important factors to take into account when advising patients with heart failure about physical activity. In addition to a high level of motivation to be physically active, it is important that patients have a high degree of exercise self-efficacy. Exergaming has the potential to increase exercise capacity in patients with heart failure. The results also showed that this technology might be suitable for some patients while others may prefer other kinds of physical activity.

To read the whole thesis click here.

I had a great day and enjoyed a nice party at a fantastic place in the evening with a salsa band. Thank you for everyone who made this day special and unforgettable!