Important publication regarding counseling about sexual activity for individuals with cardiovascular disease

Jan Mårtensson, Bengt Fridlund and Tiny Jaarsma have a new publication in Läkartidningen.

“Returning to sexual activity is a common concern, and patients frequently request information on how to resume sexual activity. Partners also have considerable concerns, often more so than patients; why sexual counseling is important for both cardiac patients and their partners. In general, healthcare professionals, in caring for patients recognize the importance of discussing sexual function and activity and also express their responsibility to do so, although many healthcare professionals do not know what specific advice to give. Therefore, the intent of a consensus statement made by the American and European heart associations is to summarize current evidence related to sexual counseling in cardiovascular disease, and to provide direction to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the practice of sexual counseling. ” Läkartidningen 49-50/2014