Forskar Grand Prix


Last week a two-day seminar was held for all PhD-students working in Kalmar County Council and one part of this was an exercise of short presentations of your research for a public audience. This was held as a contest inspired by Forskar Grand Prix (, with engaging presentations of maximum 4 minutes. Two Cesar members are PhD students at Kalmar County Hospital and took part in the seminar and contest. Johan Israelsson presented his research of differences between two different automated external defibrillators with regard to sensitivity and specificity, and Malin Johansson Östbring talked about her search and trial of a method that can make coronary patients more adherent to their medicines so that they stay out of hospital. The competition was held in two groups of 10, with 15 voting PhD-students/researchers in each. The presenters in one group were so even that the final stood between three competitors. And after a thrilling final the two Cesar-members were chosen to take the crown! Luckily they had prepared two Grand Prix trophies.

Malin and Johan