Computergame makes stronger in heart failure

Wii Guldkorn

A nice article in the Guldkorn named Computergame makes stronger in heart failure” was recently published by Leonie Verheijden Klompstra, Anna Strömberg and Tiny Jaarsma. Guldkorn publish news of FORSS research counsil in South-East Sweden. The overall purpose of the HF-Wii study is to determine the effectiveness of structured introduction and access to a Wii game computer in patients with heart failure to improve their exercise capacity, their daily physical activity, decrease health care use and improve quality of life.

600 patients from heart failure clinics will be included in the study, 300 in Sweden (Linköping, Jönköping, Norrköping) and 300 in Italy, Holland and Israel, and to date 14 % have been included. The participants are randomly allocated to usual training or structured access to a Wii game computer. There they can go bowling, play tennis, golf, baseball or boxing. The patients are very positive about participating in the study. The result in the pilot study was interesting. Among other things, it was more likely that patients with grandchildren started to train with the Wii because it was a great way to spend time with the grandchildren.

We wish the study team good luck and hope for more reports in the future!