Cesars to ESC in Barcelona

Four members of the Cesar-Network will present posters and oral presentations at the ESC Conference.

Jeroen Hendriks will compete in the Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Investigator Award with the presentation; Proof of concept study in nurse-led integrated chronic atrial fibrillation management.

Naoko Kato: Health locus of control and self-care and their role in clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure, oral presentation.

Authors: N. Kato, T. Jaarsma, M. Hatano, P. Johansson, A. Yao, K. Kinugawa

Lisa Hjelmfors: Why do nurses discuss prognosis with the heart failure patients, and why not?, oral presentation.

Authors: A-L. Hjelmfors, M. Van Der Wal, A. Stromberg, M. Friedrichsen, J. Martensson, T. Jaarsma

Maria Liljeroos: Long term follow up of factors influencing caregiver burden in partners of patients with heart failure, poster presentation.

Authors: M. Liljeroos, S. Agren, K. Årestedt, T. Jaarsma, A. Strömberg

The Cesar-Network wishes them good luck!