Cesars at Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet 2015 in Örebro


Many Cesars contributed to the program at the spring meeting in Örebro.

Maria Bäck held a presentation named “To train the body after myocardial infarction” and Anna  Strömbergs presentation was named “Heart failure – a ticking bomb for the
aging population”. Next out was Ingela Thyléns presentation about ICD nightmares, how does the patient feel after a chock.

At Thursday’s abstract session attended three Cesars. First out was Ghassan Mourad with the presentation “The relationship between depressive symptoms, cardiac anxiety and fear of body sensations, and healthcare seeking behaviour in patients with non-cardiac chest pain”,

Ulla Walfridsson came next with the presentation “Internet-based evaluation and follow-up of patients treated with catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation at Linköping University Hospital”,

Tiny Jaarsma gave Naoko Katos lesson “Heart Failure Telemonitoring in Sweden –Awareness, Usage, Barriers and Expectations among Cardiologists and Heart Failure Nurses”.

At the session “The importance of relatives at various cardiovascular diseases” presented three Cesars their research. Tomas Dalteg “Dyad relations and atrial fibrillation”, Helén Rönning “The significance of relatives at congenital heart disease”, Johan Israelsson ” Relatives and cardiac arrest.

On Friday spoke Tiny Jaarsma about “Social media and medicine” and Anna Strömberg spoke about “What is the nurse’s role in meeting with patients with cardiomyopathy?”

posterCesars presenting posters; Susanna Ågren,  Lisa Hjelmfors, Rose-Marie Isaksson,  Ulla Walfridsson and Leonie Klompstra who was the author of the CESAR networks abstract of the website evaluation “The appropriateness and presentation of commonly available cardiovascular websites/-pages in the Swedish language”

More nice pictures from Vårmötet can be found at Cesar-Network on Facebook.