Cesar on EuroHeartCare 2014

Many of us will meet in Stavanger 4-5 April for this years EuroHeartCare. And some of us have submitted abstracts that will be presented in different forms. Some of us will also contribute in other forms, but these are the abstract contributions from Cesar-network-members:

  • A combination of exercise adherence and exercise knowledge predicts cardiac outcomes in patients with heart failure: a 2-year follow-up study, Naoko Kato, Poster 
  • Adjustment to cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device two weeks after implantation, Brynja Ingadottir, Oral presentation
  • Caregiving Tasks and Caregiver Burden over time: effects of an intervention for patients with post-operative heart failure and their partners, Ågren Susanna, Oral presentation
  • Communicating prognosis and end-of-life to heart failure patients, Hjelmfors Lisa, Oral presentation
  • Evaluation of cardiovascular educational websites in Sweden, Verheijden Klompstra Leonie, Poster
  • Heart failure knowledge and related factors in Japanese patients with heart failure: the importance of focusing on elderly and non-experienced heart failure patients, Naoko Kato, Poster  
  • Internet-based CBT in patients with non-cardiac chest pain – design of a randomized controlled pilot study, Mourad Ghassan, Poster
  • Long term effects of an integrated educational and psychosocial intervention in partners to patients affected by heart failure, Liljeroos Maria, Oral presentation
  • Patient-centered medication review in coronary heart disease – impact on beliefs about medicines, Östbring Malin J, Oral presentation
  • Perceived control among heart failure patients, Hjelm Carina, Poster
  • Post cardiac arrest care and follow-up in sweden – a national survey, Isralesson Johan, Moderated poster
  • Self-reported health and quality of life among patients with non-cardiac chest pain, Mourad Ghassan, Poster
  • The international statement on sexual counseling and its application in practice, Jan Mårtensson, Poster
  • Thirst trajectory and factors associated with persistent thirst in patients with heart failure, Waldréus Nana, Poster
  • Younger Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) patients’ quality-of-life, psychosocial concerns, and experience of the device, Thylèn Ingela, Moderated poster

See you in Stavanger!