CESAR NETWORK meeting in Kalmar

We had a great CESAR NETWORK meeting in Kalmar.

In the first part of the meeting we learned a lot about the great research conducted within the innovative Cardiac Arrest REsearch group (iCARE). Johan Israelsson and Anders Bremer discussed the goal of this group to conduct research aimed at improving the care and care of people suffering from cardiac arrest in or outside hospitals, their relatives and survivors. Read more about this research group here: https://lnu.se/forskning/sok-forskning/the-innovative-cardiac-arrest-research-group-icare/

After this presentation Kristoffer Årestedt gave an inspiring presentation where he let us rethink about logistic regression analyses, how to interpret results and the use of the statistical program R. After lunch we discussed the future of our network and the project we planned together. It was great to meet everyone again after such a long time, to connect, to learn more about the iCARE research group, to discuss ongoing project and planned projects. Thank you Kristoffer, Anders & Johan!