CESAR network and the RICH Heart International Summer Writing and Collaboration Boot Camp Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 2015


From Monday 27th of July till Friday 31st of July, CESAR network had a writing retreat in Kentucky America. The retreat was organized by Debra Moser and her RICH team.

allaThere were a lot of different professions, from master students to professors. It was so nice that the RICH team invited us to take part in such valuable week. We stayed the week in Shakers Village: a beautiful place on the country site (see picture). With their own animals and vegetable garden.


hämta i bilEvery morning we woke up at 07:00 to be picked up at 08:00 to have a nice breakfast at our wonderful meeting house.





Afterwards we all could decide when and where to write, but we had to give our goals for the week at the first morning. All the members of the CESAR network got a lot of work done and would like to definitely experience this again.



Misook Chung and Jennifer Miller arranged a nice boat trip on the Kentucky River. This day the river was a bit muddy because of a heavy thunderstorm the day before.


After writing we could have dinner at the restaurant in Shakers Village. The restaurants served vegetables from their own garden and the food was really tasty. To give an overview of the diversity in the people attending, we made pictures of all eating (see below).




Dinner 2

Dinner 3mat




At the end of the retreat Professor Debra Moser invited us to her beautiful house where she grilled wonderful hamburgers á la Lexington.

Warm regards,

Nana Waldreus, Christina Andreae & Leonie Klompstra