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Wii bowling competition in Vilbergen Bowling Center Sweden

Today (21-09-2015) we started a side project in the HF-Wii study. We invited retired participants to get an introduction session of the Wii bowling and to try to compete against each other. We are interested if elderly persons would like to have this kind of competition and if this format could be something for HF patients in the future.

The idea from the Wii bowling competition comes from America, where nursing homes are competing against each other. To get an idea how popular this is, please click to watch a video here.

To give an impression of our morning please look at the pictures below.





CESAR network and the RICH Heart International Summer Writing and Collaboration Boot Camp Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 2015


From Monday 27th of July till Friday 31st of July, CESAR network had a writing retreat in Kentucky America. The retreat was organized by Debra Moser and her RICH team.

allaThere were a lot of different professions, from master students to professors. It was so nice that the RICH team invited us to take part in such valuable week. We stayed the week in Shakers Village: a beautiful place on the country site (see picture). With their own animals and vegetable garden.


hämta i bilEvery morning we woke up at 07:00 to be picked up at 08:00 to have a nice breakfast at our wonderful meeting house.





Afterwards we all could decide when and where to write, but we had to give our goals for the week at the first morning. All the members of the CESAR network got a lot of work done and would like to definitely experience this again.



Misook Chung and Jennifer Miller arranged a nice boat trip on the Kentucky River. This day the river was a bit muddy because of a heavy thunderstorm the day before.


After writing we could have dinner at the restaurant in Shakers Village. The restaurants served vegetables from their own garden and the food was really tasty. To give an overview of the diversity in the people attending, we made pictures of all eating (see below).




Dinner 2

Dinner 3mat




At the end of the retreat Professor Debra Moser invited us to her beautiful house where she grilled wonderful hamburgers á la Lexington.

Warm regards,

Nana Waldreus, Christina Andreae & Leonie Klompstra

EuroHeartCare 2015

This years congress was held in a warm and sunny Dubrovnik. The program was varied and interesting and many Cesars was there and presented their research.

In the first symposium about guideline based cardiovascular care Anna Strömberg spoke about how to implement guidelines into clinical practice. In the afternoon Tiny Jaarsma talked about how to optimize patient care in the chronic setting and how to take care of the carer.

It was also gratifying that two joint Cesar-project was presented:



Leonie Klompstra presented the website evaluation during the oral abstract session for doctoral student; The appropriateness and presentation of commonly available cardiovascular webpages in the Swedish language.





Jeroen Hendriks and others presented a poster regarding the QoL project called The influence of pain on health-related quality of life in patients with cardiac disease. 

This project is now closed down and we celebrated with a toast in champagne. We have learned a lot with regard to combining databases, differences in demographic and clinical variables, working with minimal data etc. 




The second day Helen Rönning gave a speak about GUCH: the patient perspective and in the moderated Poster Session Johan Israelsson held a presentation called Health-related quality of life among in-hospital cardiac arrest survivors.




Many Cesars also presented posters;

Received knowledge of heart failure patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy implantation. B. Ingadottir, I. Thylen, T. Jaarsma (Linkoping and Linköping, SE)

Depressive symptoms as a moderator and mediator of the relationship between physical activity, appetite and perceived health among patients with heart failure. C. Andreae, A. Stromberg, M. L. Chung, T. A. Lennie, K. Arestedt (Linköping, SE; Lexington, US)

The cognitive, supportive and behaviour needs of participants in a nurse-led intervention targeting patients with heart failure and their partners. M. Liljeroos, S. Agren, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg (Linkoping, SE)

Patient-nurse communication about prognosis and end-of-life care. A.-L. Hjelmfors, M. H.L. Van Der Wal, M. Friedrichsen, J. Martensson, A. Stromberg, T. Jaarsma (Linkoping and Jonkoping, SE)

The relationship between depressive symptoms, cardiac anxiety and fear of body sensations, and healthcare seeking behaviour in patients with non-cardiac chest pain. G. Mourad, A. Stromberg, P. Johansson, T. Jaarsma (Norrköping and Linköping, SE)

Dissatisfaction with sexual-life in community dwelling elderly: associations to cardiovascular disease, gender, depression, anxiety and health related quality of life. J.S. Josefine Svantesson, U.A. Urban Alehagen, P. Johansson (Linköping, SE)

Development and initial evaluation of an internet-based cognitive behavior therapy program for patients with heart failure and depression. J. Lundgren, G. Andersson, Ö. Dahlstrom, T. Jaarsma, A. Karner Kohler, P. Johansson (Linkoping, SE)

Evaluation of a nine-item thirst distress scale for patients with heart failure. N. Waldreus, T. Jaarsma (Linkoping, SE)

Physical activity in daily life in heart failure patients living in two European countries. L. Klompstra, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg, A. Muhic, P. Gastelurrutia, R. Cabanes, R. Rodriguez, B. Gonzalez, J. Lupon, A. Bayes-Genis (Linköping and Linkoping, SE; Badalona, ES)

Psychometric validation of the caregiver burden questionnaire for heart failure (CBQ-HF v4.0). A. Stromberg, N. Bonner, L. Grant, B. Bennett, M. Chung, T. Jaarsma, F. Calado, C. Deschaseaux (Linkoping, SE; Bollington, GB; Lexington, US; Basel, CH)

Difficulties in identification of sleep disordered breathing in the context of a disease management program for HF. A. Brostrom, U. Alehagen, M. Vrethem, E. Svanborg, P. Johansson (Jonkoping and Linköping, SE)

Back to normal: striving for a life worth living one year after a cardiac event. P. R. Tingstrom, A. Karner Kohler, S. Nilsson (Linkoping, Norrköping and Linköping, SE)

Beliefs about lifestyle habits one year after a cardiac event differs between patients with cardiac disease and spouses – a qualitative analysis directed from the health belief model. A.K.K. Karner Koehler, S.N. Nilsson, T.J. Jaarsma, P.T. Tingstrom (Norrköping and Linkoping, SE)

Assessing disease-specific patient reported outcomes within the Swedish National Quality Register AURICULA. U. Walfridsson, M. Rosenqvist, P.L. Agren, P. Andersson, T. Juhlin, C. Nilsson, C. Christersson, P. Svensson (Linköping, Stockholm, Falun, Hudiksvall, Malmö and Uppsala, SE)

Incidence and impact of delirium on physical and cognitive function in octogenarian patients one and six months after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation or Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement. L.S.P. Eide, A.H. Ranhoff, B. Fridlund, R. Haaverstad, K.O. Hufthammer, K.J. Kuiper, J.E. Nordrehaug, T.M. Norekvaal (Bergen and Stavanger, NO; Jönköping, SE)

Patients’ perspectives of discussing prognosis and end-of-life care. A.-L. Hjelmfors, A. Stromberg, M. Friedrichsen, A. Sandgren, J. Martensson, T. Jaarsma (Linkoping and Jonkoping, SE)

To adjust and endure: a qualitative study from older cardiac patients with multi morbidity. J. Eckerblad, K. Theander, A. Ekdahl, T. Jaarsma, I. Hellstrom (Linkoping, Karlstad and Norrkoping, SE)

Psychometric properties of the comprehensive Ethos towards Wellness Questionnaire (EtWeQ) in a Norwegian population: a replication and methodological study. B. G. A. Fridlund, J. Martensson, A. Baigi, A. Brostrom (Jönköping and Halmstad, SE)

Attitudes of health care professionals towards family involvement in care for patients with cardiovascular diseases. M.L.A. Luttik, S. Agren, E. Goossens, J. Martensson, D. Thompson, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg (Linkoping and Jonkoping, SE; Leuven, BE; Melbourne, AU)

Motivational interviewing and medication review in coronary heart disease (MIMeRiC). Study protocol of a RCT investigating effects on clinical outcomes, adherence and quality of life. M. Johansson Ostbring, L. Hellstrom, T. Eriksson, G. Petersson (Kalmar and Lund, SE)


We also had a nice guided tour in the old city center and networking reception.


Visitors from abroad

At LiU we had a visitor (Kim Wagenaar)  that worked with Anna Stromberg, Leonie Klompstra and Tiny Jaarsma. Kim works on an article on the website of the HFA, and also on a cut of value of the EHFScB scale.

Brynja came to LiU with a colleague, Audur Ketilsdottir to work on data they have collected in Iceland in the HF clinic.


Congratulations Anna and Tiny for the NordForsk award

The NordForsk Board has awarded a total of NOK 11 million to two research projects under Anna-Stromberg the call for Nordic-Baltic research projects on user-driven innovation in health and welfare. There were 34 grant applications submitted in response to the call.

The overall goal of the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare is to improve health in the Nordic countries by conducting high-quality research to find solutions to societal and public health challenges.


The project:

  • Symptom monitoring after hospitalisation in patients with advanced heart failure – a Nordic-Baltic study. Project leader: Professor Anna Strömberg, Linköping University, Sweden. Funding: Up to 5,8 MNOK

Read more here