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New member Annette Waldemar

Foto 2018 Annette Waldemar

Annette Waldemar is a registered nurse who works with cardiac patients at Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping, Sweden. She also works as a research nurse and cooperates with Professor Tiny Jaarsma, PhD students Lisa Hjelmfors and Emma Säfström (“Continuity of care and patient participation in patients hospitalized due to cardiac condition” and “TALK-HF” studies). Previously, she cooperated with Dr. Leonie Klompstra as a research nurse for many years within the HF-Wii study. Since 2014 she works part-time as a lecturer at Linköping University, at the Department of Social and Welfare studies, and she is a PhD-student at Institution for Medicine and Health. In 2017 Annette became a PhD student and her main supervisor is Associate professor Ingela Thylén and her co-supervisor is Professor Anna Strömberg and Associate professor Anders Bremer.

Her research area for her doctoral thesis is family witnessed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other research interests concern different aspects of person-centered care. Her first study explored nurses’ and physicians’ experiences and attitudes toward family-witnessed resuscitation in cardiac care units. The next studies will explore how often families are witnessing resuscitations in hospitals, the experiences of patients and their next-of-kin of the resuscitation situation and how it affects their life.

CESAR group welcomes Hanna Allemann as new member in the network

Alleman Hanna (5)

Hanna Allemann is a registered nurse now working as a lecturer at Linköpings University, at the Institution for Medicine and Health.

She is also a PhD-student. Her main supervisor is Ingela Thylén and her co-supervisor is Anna Strömberg. Some of her major interest concerns aspects of pedagogy, communication and implementation. Earlier studies have also led to an interest in IT and media production. These aspects of interest come together in her PhD-studies which concerns IT-support for informal caregivers of persons with heart failure

CESAR group welcomes Rose-Marie Isaksson as new member in the network


Rose-Marie Isaksson is a registered nurse and PhD. She works at the department of research and development at the Norrbotten County Council, but also since 2013 as a visiting lecturer in Linköping at the Institution for Medicine and Health.
Rose-Marie received her PhD at the Department of Nursing and the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå university in april 2011. The title of the thesis was “Symptoms, prehospital delay and long-term survival in men vs. women with myocardial infarction – a combined register and qualitative study”. Since 2014 she is one of the members in the researchgroup SymTime, a multicenter observational study where STEMI and NSTEMI patients from the north parts and southeast parts of Sweden answer a questionnaire about their symptoms and actions in the prehospital phase. The study has the base in Linköping.
Her major interest goes out to symptoms, prehospital actions and gender in myocardial infarction and other heart diseases in the cardiovascular care area. She is also interested in cardiovascular epidemiology, life style and different ethical aspects in care.

We welcome Maria Bäck to Cesar network

Maria, a post-doc with experience in exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation Maria Bäck_foto-2

Maria Bäck is a physiotherapist and PhD who is now in Linköping at the Institution for Medicine and Health for six months as a post-doc.

Maria Bäck received her PhD at the Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Institute of Medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg in November 2012. The title of the thesis was: “Exercise and physical activity in relation to kinesiophobia and cardiac risk markers in coronary artery disease”.

Maria has an interest and expertise in the field of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation from a holistic perspective, involving a bio-psycho-social perspective of health, including physiological as well as psychological effects of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation.
Maria´s thesis included four studies. Study I evaluated the effects of high-frequency exercise before and after an elective PCI. Study II examined the level of physical activity in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) and investigated the association between physical activity and cardiac risk markers. Study III investigated the validity and reliability of the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia Heart, a brief questionnaire to detect kinesiophobia, in patients with CAD. Study IV described the occurrence of kinesiophobia in patients with CAD and the impact on kinesiophobia by clinical variables with an influence on rehabilitation outcomes.

We welcome Brynja and Jeroen

brynjaBrynja, a PhD in Norrköping and Reykjavik

Brynja Ingadottir joined the networking group in the autumn of 2013. She is a Clinical nurse specialist and Clinical lecturer at Landspítali University Hospital, but also a PhD-student at Linköping University since 2011. Brynja received the HFA Nursing Scholarship 2012 which made it possible for her to almost move to Norrköping and have more time for her research.

Brynja´s research focus is on patient education and the doctoral studies will possibly end with a prototype for a computer based patient education with game approach. Her first study was on patient education in arthorplastic patients, the second one on heart failure patients with CRT; the research focus on their educational needs, how those are fulfilled and how the education relates to various outcomes. A qualitative study on what patients think about different media for patient education, including computer games, will also be conducted before the prototype can be made.

The scholarship period will end in September but Brynja will continue to commute between Reykjavik and Norrköping and the research will also be spread to the heart failure clinic at Landspìtali as a collaborative work between Landspitali University Hospital, University of Iceland and Linköping University. Brynja has been very inspired by the opportunities the scholarship has made possible, by the research and the health care she has seen in Sweden and because of the time she now can devote to research and development.


 Jeroen, a post-doc with experience in Redesigning Health Care

Jeroen Hendriks is a nurse and PhD who is now in Linköping at the Institution for Medicine and Health for six months as a post-doc.jeroen

Jeroen received his PhD at the Department of Cardiology and Faculty of Health Services Research at Maastricht University Medical Centre in 2013 with the thesis: Integrated chronic care for patients with atrial fibrillation.

Jeroen has an expertise in the field of Redesigning Health Care. This is a broad and dynamic research area which is evolving rapidly. His major interest goes out to Integrated Chronic Care Management in cardiac care – heart rhythm diseases, particularly atrial fibrillation (AF).

During his PhD he was directly involved in the development of the integrated chronic care program on AF (in terms of a specialized outpatient clinic) and consequently performed a randomized clinical trial in the Maastricht University Medical Centre. The trial focused on the (cost)effectiveness of the integrated care approach, which consists of nurse-led, guidelines-based, software-supported care. The RCT demonstrated the AF-Clinic to be superior in terms of cardiovascular hospitalization and death compared to usual care. Moreover, the approach turned to be a cost-effective strategy in the treatment of AF-patients.


We welcome Naoko Kato

Naoko Kato is a nurse and postdoctoral research fellow from Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo. She is now working as a postdoctoral researcher with Tiny Jaarsma for 2 years. Naoko is interested in self-care in heart failure patients.