Caring for medicines

In Kalmar next week – and on Zoom, there will be a conference on pharmaceutical care, which is arranged by two Cesar-members. The plenary session will start with two presentations relevant to all professionals who meet patients who use mediicnes – and who want to practice person-centered care.

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13.30-14.00 The medication experience – what it is and why it is important
Lisa Hillman, registered pharmacist and PhD-student, University of Minnesota
Aims to bring the pharmacist and other health care professionals to a deeper understanding of the medication experience as a human experience and the language to access and incorporate it into care that optimizes medication use, health, and well-being of patients.

14.15-15.00 The role of medicines information in long-term medication courses – impact on patient safety and quality
Marianne Møller, Registered pharamcist and, Farm Dr, Syddansk Universitet Patients using long-term medication for chronic conditions need medicines information for making decisions about medicine-taking in complex treatments with limited contact to health professionals. On the basis of literature and results from three analyses, I will discuss patients’ use of medicines information for managing long-term medication, including their own contributions to quality and resilience in long-term treatment processes.