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Several members from the Cesar network are presenting research at national and international congresses within the coming months

Kardiovaskulära vårmötet 6-8 April in Malmö, Sweden

Christina Andreae has been awarded with Mona Schlyters clinical award; Att förena klinik med forskning. The prize ceremony is held on the 7th of April.

On the 7th of April, Frida Andréasson will present the moderated poster “Co-designing an integrated online support program for informal carers of people with heart failure” Authors: F. Andréasson, H. Allemann, E. Hanson, L. Magnusson, T. Jaarsma, I. Thylen and A. Strömberg.

Maria Liljeroos will give two oral presentations during the Kardiovaskulära vårmötet; ”Egenvård vid förmaksflimmer – vem tar hand om det?” and ”Hjärtsviktsteamet – en underutnyttjad möjlighet Sjuksköterskans roll”

Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Meeting 29 April – 1 May in San Francisco, USA

Cesar member Jeroen Hendriks is an invited speaker to the Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Meeting for the following presentations “Integrated AF Care: Implementation of Novel Models of Care” (Symposium) and “Team-based Integrated Care: Current Evidence and Future Implications for Research” (Core Curriculum).

EuroHeartCare 22-23 May in Madrid, Spain

Jeroen Hendriks is an invited speaker with the presentation “Novel models of integrated cardiovascular care delivery – what do the ESC guidelines say?” He will further attend as discussant: “Update on developments in complex interventions” and chair: “Patient simulation zone – management of arrhythmias” (ACNAP education).

Hanna Alleman is presenting: Co-designing an online support program for and with informal carers of people with heart failure. Authors: H. Allemann, F. Andréasson, E. Hanson, L. Magnusson, T. Jaarsma, I. Thylen and A. Strömberg.

On the 22nd of May, Emma Säfström is presenting: “Development and psychometric properties of a short version of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire”. Authors: E. Safstrom, K. Arestedt, H. Hadjistavropoulos, M. Liljeroos, L. Nordgren, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg.

Ghassan Mourad will present on the 23rd: Cost-effectiveness of Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy in patients with cardiovascular disease and depressive symptoms. Authors: G. Mourad, J. Lundgren, G. Andersson, M. Husberg, P. Johansson.

Heart Failure Congress 21-24 May in Madrid, Spain

Tuesday 24th of May, Tiny Jaarsma is giving the presentation: “Burning issues in heart failure management: Sex and heart failure: is it dangerous?”

On the 22nd of May, Emma Säfström is presenting an e-poster: ‘Psychometric properties of a short version of the HeartQoL in Swedish patients with heart failure’. Authors: E. Safstrom, K. Arestedt, H. Hadjistavropoulos, M. Liljeroos, L. Nordgren, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg.

International research weeks

In March 2022, the Cesar group hosted two international research weeks in Linköping, Sweden, arranged by Professor Anna Strömberg and Professor Tiny Jaarsma. The International Week aims to be a meeting point for junior and senior researchers to exchange experiences and knowledge, networking, and participate in different workshops. 

Three workshops are planned and cover the topics Co-design, Tele-rehabilitation, and Palliative care. The first workshop was on co-design and was attended by colleagues from Israel, Island, the Netherlands, and Cesar members from Sweden. During the first day of the co-design workshop, Anna Strömberg and Frida Andréasson introduced the concept of co-design. They shared their experiences of using co-design in different projects, which was later discussed with all participants. Presentations were also held by Sara Petterson on co-design in her project that aims to develop an educational program for foreign-born persons with diabetes, and Heleen Westland on her project on self-care in patients with CRT. 

I found the workshop very inspiring. The presentations of the various co-design projects reflected the different ways in which co-design can be used. There was plenty of time to meet each other during the workshop and discuss specific issues/questions. The discussions of practical and methodological issues of co-design and its application to my project will definitely improve my project. Sharing our experiences and knowledge will continue after the workshop as we will start a co-design team in MS Team, “ Heleen says.

On the second day of the Co-design workshop, Jane Holstein presented the outline of her project on improving cultural competence in health care professionals. Brynja Ingadottir presented her co-design project including children when developing a health game to prepare preschool children for anesthesia. Link for Brynja’s paper

We are looking forward to the next workshop and are convinced that they will be as interesting as the first one! Hopefully, the international weeks will be an annual event that will appeal to both junior and senior researchers working within the area of cardiology. 



InCept är ett internationellt projekt som startade vt 2019 fokuserar på vårdtagarens upplevelse av primärvården utifrån; tillgänglighet, kontinuitet & samverkan/samordning. Det är ett internationellt projekt som utgår från Universitetet i Tübingen, Tyskland med projektledare Heidrun Sturm och för den svenska delen är Tiny Jaarsma ansvarig. Deltagande nationer är: Brasilien, Tyskland, Schweiz, Storbritannien, Holland & Sverige.

Forskargruppen har genom kvalitativa intervjuer samlat in material från patienter utifrån hur de upplever primärvårdens utifrån, tillgänglighet, kontinuitet och samverkan/samordning. Artikeln är sammanställd och planerad för publicering under maj/juni 2022.


Som en del av detta internationella projekt har vi börjat att arbeta på en artikel utifrån endast det svenska intervjumaterialet.

Vårt syfte har där varit: Den multisjuka äldre personens upplevelse av vårdkedjan.

Det är sammanlagt 7 intervjuer som vi har sammanställt och analyserat utifrån detta syfte och tanken är att publicera artikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift. Vi som arbetar i projektet, och som ingår i forskargruppen Cesar, är Maria Liljeroos, Christina Andreae, Carina Wennerholm samt Tiny Jaarsma.

Katharine Lembright Life Time Achievement Lecture

CESAR congratulates the American Heart Associations Katharine Lembright Life Time Achievement Lecture winner Professor Anna Strömberg.

On 15th of November 2021 Anna Strömberg was recongized for her work in cardiovascular nursing research.  She received a life time achievement award of the American Heart Association. During her lecture ‘Research in Heart Failure Care- Looking Back and into the Future’ she talked about changes in heart failure care, including shifts in eHealth for these patients.

We also will listen, meet and greet professor Anna Strömberg and congratulate her on the 16th of December 2021 when she will repeat this lecture in Linköping.

Congratulations Anna Strömberg!

Astrid Janzon Symposium 2021

The theme for the Astrid Janzon symposium 2021 was “Ethical issues in healthcare”. When the need for care is explosively greater than the care resources, which we live through in the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, timeless ethical issues about priorities in care and nursing come are very actual.

During the symposium, Emma Säfström (last years receiver stipendium) gave a great presentation on continuity of care after hospitalization due to cardiac condition.

Charlotte Sahlén Helmer from Linköping University received this years’ stipendium for her research in preventing stress and support interaction between preterm infants and their parents. 

Research visit from Tel Aviv: Semyon Melnikov

We are so delighted that since a couple of weeks we have a new active new member in our research group. At the moment Semyon is working with us online, because of the travel restrictions from Israel to Sweden due to COVID-19, but we hope he can join us physically in March when we will have two weeks where international researcher will visit and work together with members of the CESAR network.

Semyon received a grant of the ESC to visit Tiny Jaarsma and her group to work together on research to increase self-care in cardiac patients, especially in patients who received and LVAD. I asked Semyon to tell a bit about himself and his research interest.

I graduated with a BA in nursing from Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. An MSc and a PhD I performed in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. My research explored the association between intracellular trafficking and signaling in mast cells. After graduation, I examined effects of various gene mutations on hypertension development among the affected subjects, in the clinical pharmacology lab at Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Since 2014 I work as a teacher and a lecturer in the Nursing department at Tel Aviv University and since 2018 I am a senior lecturer. My main teaching topics are evidence-based practice, organ donation and transplantation, and cardiovascular nursing. I am mentoring seven MA students. I am a head of the PISGAH program for IDF soldiers, which grants an RN certificate and a BA degree in Nursing.

In Israel, the organization involved in research in the field of cardiac nursing is the Association for the Promotion of Cardiac Nursing and Intensive Care. The members of the Association conduct research in the various fields of cardiac nursing, present their research at national and international conferences and publish papers at scientific nursing journals.

My current research focuses in cardiovascular nursing, heart failure, heart transplantation, Ventricular Assist Device implantation, and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in patients with heart and lung failure. Another theme I am interested in explores factors affecting nurses’ readiness to report to work and nurses’ functioning during emergency situations and disasters.

My current research project in collaboration with Prof. Tiny Jaarsma and Dr. Naoko Perkio Kato from Linkoping University, Linkoping, Sweden, examines psychometric properties of the Self-Care Behavior Scale among patients with implanted Left Ventricular Assist Device and its suitability for use in different cultures.

Semyon Melnikov RN PhD

Nursing Department, Steyer School of Health Professions, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

CESAR NETWORK meeting in Kalmar

We had a great CESAR NETWORK meeting in Kalmar.

In the first part of the meeting we learned a lot about the great research conducted within the innovative Cardiac Arrest REsearch group (iCARE). Johan Israelsson and Anders Bremer discussed the goal of this group to conduct research aimed at improving the care and care of people suffering from cardiac arrest in or outside hospitals, their relatives and survivors. Read more about this research group here:

After this presentation Kristoffer Årestedt gave an inspiring presentation where he let us rethink about logistic regression analyses, how to interpret results and the use of the statistical program R. After lunch we discussed the future of our network and the project we planned together. It was great to meet everyone again after such a long time, to connect, to learn more about the iCARE research group, to discuss ongoing project and planned projects. Thank you Kristoffer, Anders & Johan!

CESAR receives ’Network grant’ from FORTE

In the yearly round of applications of the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare (FORTE) CESAR received a 500.000 SEK grant to the project ‘Expanding and developing an interdisciplinary research network to improve cardiovascular care.’ The coming three years we would like to broaden and further develop our network and would like to use FORTE funding to extend the network. We also plan to intensify the career development of junior researchers, intensify the output and increase the interdisciplinary research funding opportunities. Finally, we plan to increase implementation and utilization of research.

New publications by Cesars

A new manuscript; “Changes in Appetite During the Heart Failure Trajectory and Association With Fatigue, Depressive Symptoms, and Quality of Life” was recently published by Christina Andreae,  Martje van der Wal, Dirk van Veldhuisen,  Bei Yang, Anna Strömberg and Tiny Jaarsma. Congratulations from the Cesar team!

Also an editorial in European Journal of Cardiovaskular nursing called “Let the games begin: Serious games in prevention and rehabilitation to improve outcomes in patients with cardiovascular disease” was posted by Brynja Ingadottir, Tiny Jaarsma, Leonie Klompstra, Jan Aidemark, Linda Askenäs, Yotam Bahat, Oran Ben Gal, Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Christoph Höchsmann, Meir Plotnik, Jaap CA Trappenburg, Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss and Anna Strömberg.