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From the left: Tiny Jaarsma, Marie Lundberg, Ghassan Mourad, Emma Säfström and Anna Strömberg

We congratulate PhD-student Emma Säfström for being nominated for the Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions (ACNAP) doctoral student award! Emma’s excellent presentation concerned a project where she has worked on developing a short version and psychometric evaluation of an instrument on patient continuity of care. Emma is supervised by Professors Tiny Jaarsma, Anna Strömberg and Doctor Maria Liljeroos.

We also congratulate Marie Lundberg for her nomination for the ACNAP clinical case excellence award! Marie held a great presentation on a case from the Tele-Yoga project concerning a young woman with pulmonary arterial hypertension and what happened when she tried yoga. Professor Anna Strömberg is the Tele-yoga study’s project leader.

Finally, we congratulate doctor Ghassan Mourad for winning best rapid fire abstract presentation! Ghassan did a brilliant presentation on a project about the cost-effectivness of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with cardiovascular disease and depressive symptoms.

Emma, Marie and Ghassan all presented their work at the EuroHeartCare 2022 in Madrid. In the picture you also see Professors Anna Strömberg, and Tiny Jaarsma and they are the co-founders of Cesar!

Cesar went to Madrid!

Between the 21 and 24th of May 2022, two simultaneous congresses were arranged by two communities within the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions (ACNAP) was responsible for organizing EuroHeartCare and the Heart failure association arranged Heart Failure.

Several members of Cesar attended the congresses and presented their research. Professor Tiny Jaarsma and Anna Strömberg had both oral presentations and ePosters and Professor Jaarsma also acted as moderator in different sessions. Doctor Leoni Klompstra and Ghassan Mourad also presented their research in different forums. PhD-students Emma Säfström, Sara Pettersson, Magda Eriksson-Liebon, Towe Hedbom and Hanna Allemann joined with e-Posters. Emma also had an oral presentation. All in all, Cesar members were successful in spreading their research in an international context. Keep an eye up for more reports from both these congresses!

Research meeting in Kalmar for the iCARE group

After a few cancelled meetings, due to the pandemic, we were finally able to go through with a lunch-to-lunch-meeting for members in iCARE (the innovative Cardiac Arrest REsearch group). In total, 21 group members met up at Stadshotellet in Kalmar. We had prepared a program, including a lecture by Professor Johan Herlitz based on the most recent cardiac arrest research and data from the Swedish register of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, the PhD students in iCARE presented and discussed their projects with the other members. Also, the recently published European and Swedish ( resuscitation guidelines were highlighted, and several potentially important new research projects were discussed.

We are already looking forward to the next meeting! Many thanks to all participants! 😊

Kristofer Årestedt, Anders Bremer and Johan Israelsson

Public defence in caring science: Nina Carlsson

Nina Carlson will defend her thesis, Grief reactions in family members of persons who died from sudden cardiac arrest, 17 June at the Linnaeus University in Kalmar.   

Conclusions: Losing a close person following cardiac arrest means suddenly being in the borderland between life and death. These experiences are intertwined with the search for coherence and meaning in the transitions to proceed with life. The involved healthcare professionals have a unique opportunity to provide family members with answers that facilitate a coherent narration of their loss. Prolonged grief and psychological distress are significant problems in bereaved family members of persons who died from sudden cardiac arrest. This is especially true for spouses, those in need of support from healthcare professionals, and those with low social support. Family members should be offered bereavement support to reduce the risk for prolonged grief and psychological distress after unsuccessful resuscitation and sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Faculty: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Date: Friday June 17 2022 at 10.00 am 

Place: Room Lapis, Building Vita, Kalmar

External reviewer: Associate Professor Anita Kärner Köhler, Linköpings University

Examining committee: Associate professor Maria Fridrichsen, Region Östergötland, Associate professor Jimmie Kristensson, Lund University, Professor Elizabeth Hanson, Linnaeus University

Chairperson: Professor Mirjam Ekstedt, Linnaeus University

Main supervisor: Professor Kristofer Årestedt, Linnaeus University

Examiner: Professor Mirjam Ekstedt, Linnaeus University

Posting: Friday May 25 2022 at 10.00 am, University Library, Kalmar

Cesars attending Vårruset

Members of the Cesar Network takes matters concerning health of the heart seriously 😊!

In addition to contributing to important research on the matter, they are also concerned with taking care of their own hearts. On the 16:th of May, “Vårruset” took place in Norrköping, Sweden. “Vårruset” is the biggest exercise race in Sweden for women of all ages. It is aimed at contributing to a joy for movement and also to a sense of fellowship. It does not matter if you’re an experienced athlete or if your are a new beginner – it is for everyone. Professor Tiny Jaarsma was team leader for the group “Tiny’s LiU runners” including another two members from the Cesar network (Associate professor Anita Kärner Köhler, and PhD student Sara Pettersson).

Christina Andreae awarded Schlyters clinical award

During the cardiovascular springmeeting in Malmö Christina Andreae was awarded Mona Schlyters clinical prize distributed by VIC.

During a long career as a nurse, Christina has made extensive and significant contributions in the cardiovascular field. Christina has carried out several quality or developmental project as well as nursing research that has increased the value for patients, relatives and health care professionals and inspired others to improve work in the healthcare system.

Congratulations Christina!

Several members from the Cesar network are presenting research at national and international congresses within the coming months

Kardiovaskulära vårmötet 6-8 April in Malmö, Sweden

Christina Andreae has been awarded with Mona Schlyters clinical award; Att förena klinik med forskning. The prize ceremony is held on the 7th of April.

On the 7th of April, Frida Andréasson will present the moderated poster “Co-designing an integrated online support program for informal carers of people with heart failure” Authors: F. Andréasson, H. Allemann, E. Hanson, L. Magnusson, T. Jaarsma, I. Thylen and A. Strömberg.

Maria Liljeroos will give two oral presentations during the Kardiovaskulära vårmötet; ”Egenvård vid förmaksflimmer – vem tar hand om det?” and ”Hjärtsviktsteamet – en underutnyttjad möjlighet Sjuksköterskans roll”

Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Meeting 29 April – 1 May in San Francisco, USA

Cesar member Jeroen Hendriks is an invited speaker to the Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Meeting for the following presentations “Integrated AF Care: Implementation of Novel Models of Care” (Symposium) and “Team-based Integrated Care: Current Evidence and Future Implications for Research” (Core Curriculum).

EuroHeartCare 22-23 May in Madrid, Spain

Jeroen Hendriks is an invited speaker with the presentation “Novel models of integrated cardiovascular care delivery – what do the ESC guidelines say?” He will further attend as discussant: “Update on developments in complex interventions” and chair: “Patient simulation zone – management of arrhythmias” (ACNAP education).

Hanna Alleman is presenting: Co-designing an online support program for and with informal carers of people with heart failure. Authors: H. Allemann, F. Andréasson, E. Hanson, L. Magnusson, T. Jaarsma, I. Thylen and A. Strömberg.

On the 22nd of May, Emma Säfström is presenting: “Development and psychometric properties of a short version of the Patient Continuity of Care Questionnaire”. Authors: E. Safstrom, K. Arestedt, H. Hadjistavropoulos, M. Liljeroos, L. Nordgren, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg.

Ghassan Mourad will present on the 23rd: Cost-effectiveness of Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy in patients with cardiovascular disease and depressive symptoms. Authors: G. Mourad, J. Lundgren, G. Andersson, M. Husberg, P. Johansson.

Heart Failure Congress 21-24 May in Madrid, Spain

Tuesday 24th of May, Tiny Jaarsma is giving the presentation: “Burning issues in heart failure management: Sex and heart failure: is it dangerous?”

On the 22nd of May, Emma Säfström is presenting an e-poster: ‘Psychometric properties of a short version of the HeartQoL in Swedish patients with heart failure’. Authors: E. Safstrom, K. Arestedt, H. Hadjistavropoulos, M. Liljeroos, L. Nordgren, T. Jaarsma, A. Stromberg.

International research weeks

In March 2022, the Cesar group hosted two international research weeks in Linköping, Sweden, arranged by Professor Anna Strömberg and Professor Tiny Jaarsma. The International Week aims to be a meeting point for junior and senior researchers to exchange experiences and knowledge, networking, and participate in different workshops. 

Three workshops are planned and cover the topics Co-design, Tele-rehabilitation, and Palliative care. The first workshop was on co-design and was attended by colleagues from Israel, Island, the Netherlands, and Cesar members from Sweden. During the first day of the co-design workshop, Anna Strömberg and Frida Andréasson introduced the concept of co-design. They shared their experiences of using co-design in different projects, which was later discussed with all participants. Presentations were also held by Sara Petterson on co-design in her project that aims to develop an educational program for foreign-born persons with diabetes, and Heleen Westland on her project on self-care in patients with CRT. 

I found the workshop very inspiring. The presentations of the various co-design projects reflected the different ways in which co-design can be used. There was plenty of time to meet each other during the workshop and discuss specific issues/questions. The discussions of practical and methodological issues of co-design and its application to my project will definitely improve my project. Sharing our experiences and knowledge will continue after the workshop as we will start a co-design team in MS Team, “ Heleen says.

On the second day of the Co-design workshop, Jane Holstein presented the outline of her project on improving cultural competence in health care professionals. Brynja Ingadottir presented her co-design project including children when developing a health game to prepare preschool children for anesthesia. Link for Brynja’s paper

We are looking forward to the next workshop and are convinced that they will be as interesting as the first one! Hopefully, the international weeks will be an annual event that will appeal to both junior and senior researchers working within the area of cardiology. 



InCept är ett internationellt projekt som startade vt 2019 fokuserar på vårdtagarens upplevelse av primärvården utifrån; tillgänglighet, kontinuitet & samverkan/samordning. Det är ett internationellt projekt som utgår från Universitetet i Tübingen, Tyskland med projektledare Heidrun Sturm och för den svenska delen är Tiny Jaarsma ansvarig. Deltagande nationer är: Brasilien, Tyskland, Schweiz, Storbritannien, Holland & Sverige.

Forskargruppen har genom kvalitativa intervjuer samlat in material från patienter utifrån hur de upplever primärvårdens utifrån, tillgänglighet, kontinuitet och samverkan/samordning. Artikeln är sammanställd och planerad för publicering under maj/juni 2022.


Som en del av detta internationella projekt har vi börjat att arbeta på en artikel utifrån endast det svenska intervjumaterialet.

Vårt syfte har där varit: Den multisjuka äldre personens upplevelse av vårdkedjan.

Det är sammanlagt 7 intervjuer som vi har sammanställt och analyserat utifrån detta syfte och tanken är att publicera artikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift. Vi som arbetar i projektet, och som ingår i forskargruppen Cesar, är Maria Liljeroos, Christina Andreae, Carina Wennerholm samt Tiny Jaarsma.