Astrid Janzon scholarship



On 25 November 2016, Lisa Hjelmfors, behavioural scientist, doctoral student at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV) and Cesar member , received the Astrid Janzon scholarship of SEK 70,000.

“The scholarship constitutes a much-appreciated contribution to my postgraduate studies,” says Lisa.

The reasons for the awarding of the scholarship were as follows:

People with chronic coronary heart disease constitute one of the largest patient groups in Sweden. Having good communication skills is a very important part of being a nurse and thereby a central element of nursing, the main field of study. The planned study has a clear intervention that will be carried out in collaboration between the patient, relatives and staff. The study has been well-designed and the question at issue is very much in line with Astrid Janzon’s wishes.

Here you can read more about Lisas research and the scholarship.