American Heart Congress 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana



First of all we want to congratulate Tiny Jaarsma with her award for distinguished scientist!!

The price is so well deserved and we are very proud that we have now in Sweden a Professor with this price from American Heart!










We also like to congratulate Debra Moser with her Mentor of the year award!

The American Heart started this year on the 12th to the 17th of November in New Orleans. For us it was the first time to be at this congress and it was really impressive. The congress offered so many great sessions and it was impossible to listen to them all. We are so proud that the CESAR group was well represented at the congress:

Johan Israelsson had an abstract accepted for an poster presentation about health status and psychological distress in cardiac arrest.


Tiny Jaarsma had three talks:

On talk in the session International Collaborations and Multi-Site Studies with the title “Reaching Above and Abroad in Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing”. The second talk in the session Making Time for the “Sex talk”: sexual Rehabilitation with Cardiovascular Diseases with the title “The “Sex Talk” Sexual Counseling & Rehabilitation Interventions and CVD. And a third talk in the session Innovative Interventions, Assessments, and Analytic Approaches in Heart Failure patients with the title “Measuring Thirst in Patients With Heart Failure: The Thirst Distress Scale for Patients with Heart Failure is Ready to Use!”. The last talk was based on an abstract submission writing together with two other CESAR members: Nana Waldreus and Naoko Perkiö Kato.

marisolAnna Strömberg had one of her American PhD students (Marysol Cacciata) presenting a rapid-fire presentation with the title “Dose-response
Relationships Between Exercise Intensity, Mood States, and Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients.

Anna also had rapid fire talk in the session Symptom and Management of Patients and Caregivers Across the Continuum of Heart failure with the title “Examining the Relationship between Perceived Control Over the Heart Disease, Depressive Symptoms and Wellbeing and in Patients With Heart Failure and Their Spouses, an Actor-Partner Interdendence Model.


Leonie Klompstra had a rapid-fire oral presentation on the experiences of patients with heart failure in serious gaming, where Anna Strömberg & Tiny Jaarsma were co-authors.


The congress was amazing, and a great addition was New Orleans. What a great city of Jazz, good food, ghost hunting tours and beignets with café au lait.




















Christina Andreae & Leonie Klompstra

Linköping 2016-11-30