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Patients increasingly use websites to inform themselves about diseases, and health care also promote the use of the web.  There are both noncomeercial websites from patient organizations and commercial websites, from drug industry and private health care centers etc. This project aims to evaluate the most common Swedish websites with cardiovacular disease information; the subgroups arrhytmia, myocardial infarction and heart failure will be included. Websites will be evaluated using the Suitability and Comprehensibility Assessment of Material (SAM + CAM) tool. (Helitzer et al (2009), Cancer Control)

The results of this study will increase the knowledge of available cardiovascular websites, give a first insight in the appropriateness and presentation of cardiovascular websites in Sweden and can contribute to patients’ education in cardiovascular care.

Contact: Leonie Verheijden Klompstra


Update March 2014:

From the 24th of October 2013 until now a lot has happened in the project on website evaluation. In total 23 websites have been evaluated within the CESAR group by two researchers, each separately. A conclusion from our last network-meeting is that the instrument for evaluating the websites is difficult to understand and apply to the websites. It has originally been developed for printed materials, and this might be one reason. We therefore decided to go on with a consensus discussion within the pairs who have evaluated the same websites, discussing the items where the researchers disagree. The preliminary results will be presented at the EuroHeartCare Congress in Stavanger, Norway.

Update April 2015:

The result of the Website evaluation was presented as a Poster on Vårmötet and the manuscript is almost ready to be submitted. The next step in the project is to develop an instrument to evaluate websites about health. It can be a valuable tool for care providers in different settings to guide patients to use relevant websites  

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