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Update 24 August 2020

Development CUE Tool

After we evaluated the quality of websites with cardiac information (read article here), we developed a tool to easy evaluate websites with health information. We call this this CUE Tool: The Credible and Usable Evaluation of patient education tool for web-sites. We conducted an e-Delphy study and the Tool is now available here.

Patients increasingly use websites to inform themselves about diseases, and health care also promote the use of the web.  There are both noncommercial websites from patient organizations and commercial websites, from drug industry and private health care centers etc. This project aimed to evaluate the most common Swedish websites with cardiovascular disease information; the subgroups arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and heart failure will be included. Websites were evaluated using the Suitability and Comprehensibility Assessment of Material (SAM + CAM) tool. (Helitzer et al (2009), Cancer Control)

You can find the results in this publication¬†“The Appropriateness and Presentation of Commonly Available Cardiovascular Web Pages Providing Information About Cardiovascular Diseases

Contact: Leonie Klompstra

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