Development of outcome measure

Persons with different kinds of heart diseases are often struggling with symptoms. These symptoms have often a negative impact on persons daily life; socially, mentally and physically. Symptom relief and control are therefore important goals in care of persons with heart diseases. To evaluate care and interventions, valid instruments with sound psychometric properties are needed. While generic outcome measure instruments are too broad, disease specific instruments make it difficult to compare symptom experiences between various kinds of heart diseases. Another problem is that many patients suffering two or more different heart diseases at the same time which make it difficult to use and interpret the score from disease specific instruments. We therefore aim to develop an instrument able to assess outcome measures among persons with various kinds of heart diseases.

Update April 2015

The target is to 1) develop a symptom burden scale in cardiovascular disease and 2) evaluate how symptom burden is described in qualitative studies according to ICF. 2 articles are planned.

Contact: Kristofer Årestedt

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