About Cesar-Network


CESAR Network is a network of researchers for collaboration in the area of research in cardiac care in Sweden. The main goal of CESAR is to increase collaboration in the field of cardiovascular care between researchers in the region of Jönköping, Kalmar, Sörmland and Östergötland. CESAR started in 2011 and is planning several activities.

In the middle of the photo there are a hand with small stick figures floating around. On both sides of this there are a text with information about the networks goals.

We use this wordpress-site to update ourselves and the world with what we do and achieve in research, and you can read descriptions about our first joint projects here. You can also follow us on facebook. Since 2021 we have a website within Linköping University, where you find can find out more about the members of the Cesar-network. Please contact one of us in case you would like to collaborate or give input into our goal.

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