Research group visit from Lexington, USA


In early June, researchers in cardiovascular nursing at Linköping University was visited by a research team from Lexington, USA. Those who traveled here was Associate Professor Misook Chung as well as a PhD student, and a other colleagues from their research team participated via Skype.

At the University of Kentucky the research group conducts successful research in the RICH HEART program. Research focus at primary and secondary preventions of cardiovascular disease in socially vulnerable groups and interventions to improve quality of life and psychological impact of cardiovascular disease.

A working conference was held at Vårdnäs and development of previously initiated research collaboration with researchers at Linköping University and Lio and graduate students, post-docs and researchers was on the agenda. Hosts of the visit were Associate Professor Ingela Thylén, professors Tiny Jaarsma and Anna Strömberg.